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Use caution, this site contains many unproven facts and speculation and errors are almost a certainty, Use this information as clues to guide your own research and always independently verify the facts stated. Where possible we have included images of records so researchers can reach their own conclusions.

Kendall Genealogy

These pages document the history of the Kendall family from Edward born about 1800 in North Carolina. It is our intent to, through this page, to share the results of our research and facilitate the exchange of information among Kendall researchers. With your help we hope to make this as complete a history of this family as possible.

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WAP Edition now Available. Do you have a web-enabled phone or PDA? Portions of our research database are now available on these devices by using the built-in microbrowser to go to I developed the WAP Edition so that I would have ready access to research data from cemeteries, libraries or any place where I may not have access to a computer. It has only been tested with the Motorola MPx200 phone running Microsoft SmartPhone 2002. If you have a different phone your feedback will help with continued development. Also, I am very interested in how others might use this new technology. If you find this feature useful please drop me an email.

Research News

Carolyn White has developed the theory that Meltire Kendall's first known wife was first married to Calvin Fielding. A Judith Zachary, daughter of Bartholomew Zachary and Polly Bruce, married Carl Fielding in Hempstead County, Arkansas in 1837. A Bartholomew Zachary died 1n 1846 in Johnson County, Arkansas leaving several small children. This theory would explain the Fielding children living in the Kendall household in 1850 and Sarah Ann Zachary in the household may be Judith's orphaned sister. This theory is being pursued.

Research Reports

Descendant Outline Tree - Eight generations, 16 pages, indexed, 58kb, Adobe PDF format, updated 12 Sep 2003.

Most Wanted

Who was Ben F. Kendall who married Doris S. Jacobs (1879-1932)? She was injured in a house fire in Hartman and died in a Little Rock hospital. They had a foster son named Jamie Kendall who lived in Gillette, Wyoming in 1932.

Allied Family Lines



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