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Family History

 (last update 14 Jul 2003)

Sixth Generation


Children of William Bean and Lydia Russell


2. Captain William Beam [2435] was born 1745 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died about 1825 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married 1) Rachel Ball about 1777 in Tennessee. She was born about 1756 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died 10 January 1778. He married 2) Elizabeth Blair in 1782. She was born between 1740 and 1770, and died about 1818 in Washington County, Tennessee.


Child of William Bean and Rachel Ball is:

  1. Ahab Bean, born 10 January 1778, Boones Creek, Washington County, Tennessee; died 2 December 1857, Avaco, Iowa County, Wisconsin.

Children of William Bean and Elizabeth Blair are:

  1. Peter Ellis 'Pedro' Bean, born 8 June 1783, Grainger County, Tennessee; died 3 October 1846, Jalapa, Mexico.

  2. William M. Bean, born 8 February 1785, Hawkins County, Tennessee; died 1867, Scott County, Illinois.

  3. Fetna Bean, born about 1787, Hawkins County, Tennessee; married John Valentine Bull.

  4. Robert Bean, born 1789, Hawkins County, Tennessee; married Christine Miller, 17 October 1817.

  5. Edmund Bean, born about 1790; married Margaret Tappen, 11 May 1820, Davidson County, Tennessee.

  6. Jesse Bean, born about 1794.

  7. Lydia Bean, born 1796, Grainger County, Tennessee; married Goodman Scott, 7 November 1818, Grainger County, Tennessee.

3. Robert Bean [2437] was born between 3 May 1750 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died about 1793 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He married Rhoda Lane, daughter of Dutton Lane and Elizabeth Oakes. Robert and his brother Jesse were the first settlers at Bean's Station. They owned adjoining lands on German Creek in what is now Grainger County, Tennessee.

Knoxville Gazette, 1 June 1793, Vol. 2, No. 16
"Robert Bean of Hawkins County died lately, a distinguished soldier, lover of peace and order, an esteemed citizen."

Children of Robert Bean and Rhoda Lane are:

  1. Captain Jesse Lane, born about 1784, Independence County, Arkansas; died before 31 January 1844, Independence County, Arkansas; married Nancy Miller.

  2. Elizabeth Bean, born about 1787; died before 1860; married John Ellis, 1807.

  3. Amy Bean, born about 1788; married Tidence Lane.

  4. Robert Bean, born about 1790; died about 1806.

  5. Isaac Bean, born about 1793; d. Independence County, Arkansas. Served as a Sergeant in his brother Jesse's company of the Arkansas Mounted Rangers in 1832.


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4. George Bean [2439] was born 1754, and died before 1820 in Franklin County, Tennessee. He married 1) Jane [last name unknown] about 1780. He married 2) Prudence [Windham] Cope about 1800.


Children of George and Jane Bean are:

  1. George Bean, born about 1780; married Peggy Ashert, 10 July 1798.

  2. Hazard Bean, born about 1782; married Nancy Howard, 25 November 1805.

  3. Jesse Bean, born about 1795; married Mary [last name unknown].

  4. Mark Bean, born 15 May 1796; died March 1831.

Children of George Bean and Prudence Cope are:

  1. Edmund I. Bean, born about 1801; married Elizabeth Whitford, 4 June 1828, Franklin County, Alabama; born 12 August 1808, Ohio; died 30 April 1837.

  2. Amanda Bean, born about 1815, Grainger County, Tennessee; married Hance E. Reeves, before 1833; born about 1812, Tennessee.

  3. Jacob M. Bean, born about 1817, Franklin County, Tennessee; died 6 July 1883, Denton, Denton County, Texas; married Nancy Ann Bowling, 11 May 1840, Franklin County, Tennessee; born 19 May 1826; died 21 June 1883. Both buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Denton County, Texas.

5. Jesse Bean [2446] was born about 1756 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died 10 September 1829 in Independence County, Arkansas. He married Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Joab/Jacob Mitchell and Mary Henderson. She was born 1758 in Washington County, North Carolina, and died 10 September 1837 in Independence County, Arkansas. Jesse settled in the Mulberry Valley (present day Pleasant Hill, Crawford County) of Arkansas before the Indians were driven out. He organized the first Sunday School in Pleasant Hill and was there in 1818. In 1818 all whites were driven out of the valley except Jesse and Judge Sanders who were allowed to remain because they were blacksmiths. In 1833 son-in-law Capt. William Russell (husband of daughter Lydia) joined Jesse in Arkansas.


Children of Jesse Bean and Elizabeth Mitchell are:

  1. Robert Bean, born 1779, Tennessee; died 1847.

  2. Mary Bean, born 12 October 1781; married Judge Rueben Sanders.

  3. William Bean, born 9 January 1784; died before 1874.

  4. Elizabeth Ann Bean, born 9 January 1787, Tennessee; died 12 July 1857, North Carolina; married William Minor Quesenbury, 1806.

  5. Jacob Bean, born 30 June 1788.

  6. Lydia Bean, born 15 February 1791, Tennessee; died about 1860; married William Russell.

  7. Mark Bean, born 4 March 1794; died 1862, Arkansas; married 1) Betty Stewart, 2 November 1828; married 2) Nancy Sparks.

  8. Richard Henderson Bean, born 3 June 1799; died 15 May 1859, Texas; married 1) Rebecca Smith, about 1843; died 1843; married 2) Mary Jane Parks, 1845.

  9. Susan Bean, born 13 March 1801; died about 1838; married Henry Anderson Quesenbury, 1820; died 1841.


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6. John Bean [2449] was born 1760 in Virginia, and died about 1811 in Washington County, Tennessee. He married Sarah Jordan on 12 May 1788 in Greenville, Green County, Tennessee.


Children of John Bean and Sarah Jordan are:

  1. Artry Bean, married Samuel Miller, 7 September 1811, Washington County, Tennessee.

  2. John Bean.

  3. Edmund Bean.


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7. Edmund Bean [2447] was born 1763 in Halifax County, Virginia, and died 3 December 1807 in Washington County, Tennessee. He married Margaret Ellis, daughter of William and Margaret Ellis. She was born about 1769, and died after 1850 in Washington County, Arkansas.


Children of Edmund Bean and Margaret Ellis are:

  1. Lydia Bean, born about 1800, Washington County, Tennessee; married Joseph Chinoth, 21 July 1818, Washington County, Tennessee.

  2. Elizabeth Bean, born about 1802, Washington County, Tennessee; married Sanford Crouch, 12 September 1822.

  3. Martha Bean, born about 1804, Washington County, Tennessee; married Charles Bacon, 15 November 1831, Washington County, Tennessee.

  4. Margaret Bean, born about 1806, Washington County, Tennessee; married Elija H. Shipley, 26 February 1834.


  • 1850 Federal Census, Washington County, Arkansas, page 421a

8. Jane Bean [2442] was born 1766 in Halifax County, Virginia. In 1798 Jane along with Rosemond Robertson (who married Russell Bean) and Jemima Scroggins were involved in some sort of trouble and indicted. The warrant for there arrest was returned unserved, marked "Will not be taken, kept off by force and arms." Jane was killed by Indians in 1798 in Grainger County, Tennessee, outside the walls of Bean Station. Accounts differ, one states that she was spinning and another that she went to a spring for water and was ambushed and scalped.


9. Sarah Bean [2440] was born 1768 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and died 1861 in Fair Play, Polk County, Missouri. She married   John Bowen about 1790 in Pennsylvania, son of Henry Bowen and Ann Cunningham. He was born 1764 in Augusta County, Georgia, and died 1823 while logging in in Grainger County, Tennessee.  John was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War.


Child of Sarah Bean and John Bowen is:

  1. Jemima Bowen, born 1792 in Grainger County, Tennessee; died about 1820.
  2. Mary Bowen, born 1794 in Grainger County, Tennessee.
  3. William Bowen, born 1796 in Grainger County, Tennessee; died in Arkansas. He married Mary Carr about 1821.
  4. Rebecca Bowen, born 5 December 1798 in Grainger County, Tennessee; died 10 August 1876.
  5. John Bowen, born 1799 in Tennessee; died 1844 in Bowen Township, Madison County, Arkansas. He married Jemima Bridgeman 07 November 1823 in Grainger County, Tennessee; born 1797 in Virginia; died 1850 in Sebastian County, Arkansas. They migrated to Grainger County, Tennessee about 1824.They migrated to Madison County, Arkansas in 1831. John served as Justice of the Peace for Madison County, Arkansas. Between August 1836 and 1874 john served as the County Judge for Bowen Township in Madison County, Arkansas.
  6. Henry Bowen, born 1800 in Grainger County, Tennessee.
  7. Reece Bowen, born 15 October 1801 in Bean Station, Grainger County, Tennessee; died 18 December 1881 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He married Mary Moody 4 April 1825 in Grainger County, Tennessee; born about 1804 in Grainger County, Tennessee. Reece became a large land owner.
  8. Elizabeth Bowen, born 1804 in Grainger County, Tennessee. She married William Caswell Jarnagin; born about 1793 in Mount Harmony, Hardeman County, Tennessee; died November 1840 in McMinn County, Tennessee.
  9. Ahab Bowen, born 16 October 1807 in Grainger County, Tennessee; died 11 February 1900 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. He married Mary Lyon Easley 21 March 1835 in Grainger County, Tennessee; born 29 March 1812 in Grainger County, Tennessee; died 5 August 1889 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Ahab and Mary are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.


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10. Russell Bean [2443] was born 1769 in Washington County, Tennessee, and died 9 January 1826 in Washington County, Tennessee. He married Rosamond Robertson on 8 October 1789 in Washington County, Arkansas, daughter of Colonel Charles Robinson and Susannah Nichols. She was born 1775 in Virginia, and died about 1850 in Tennessee. Russell was the first white child born in what is now Tennessee. He was born shortly after his parents settled on Boone's Creek. Russell served as a 1st Lieutenant during the War of 1812 in Captian William McLin's Company of the East Tennessee Militia. He was detached to the armory where he presumably performed gunsmithing duties. His son Charles served in the same unit and was appointed armorer and his son Russell junior, who transferred to the West Tennessee troops.

According to Crab, Over the Mountain, he took a cargo of arms of his manufacture down to New Orleans where he remained for 2 years, engaged in foot races, horse racing, cock-fighting and other sports of the times. On returning to Jonesboro [sic], he found his wife nursing an infant. Her seducer, it was said, was a merchant named Allen. Russell left the house without a word, got drunk, came back, took the baby out of his cradle, and deliberately cut off both of his ears saying that he "had marked it so that it would not get mixed up with his children".

He was arrested, tried and convicted of this act of cruelty, and was sentenced, in addition to other punishment, to be branded in the palm of his hand. This was done; whereupon he immediately bit out of his hand the part containing the brand. He was also imprisoned, but soon escaped from jail and was allowed to remain at large for the officers were afraid of him. His wife soon divorced him, but he was determined to kill Allen. He assaulted Allen's brother and beat him unmercifully but, up to the time the court met with Andrew Jackson on the bench, they had not arrested him.

The local authorities reported to Jackson that they could not take Bean; that he was out at his cabin on the south side of town defying arrest and threatening to kill the first man who approached his house. Jackson immediately ordered "Summon every man in the court house to bring Bean in dead or alive." The sheriff responded "Then I summon your honor first!" "Jackson at once left the bench exclaiming, "By the Eternal, I'll bring him!' Jackson approached, pistol in hand and when he got within shooting distance, Russell arose, called out, "I surrender to you , Mr. Devil!" and laid down his arms. Jackson took him to the courtroom, where he was tried and fined heavily.

Rosamond married again and moved to Knoxville, where the "the unfortunate child died, as did her second husband.....Bean himself drifted down to Knoxville where Andrew Jackson met him and brought about a reconciliation between he and his former wife."

He and Rosamond had 8 children. He served as the sheriff in Memphis for a time and was killed when stabbed in the back. Russell is buried in Uriel Cemetery, Jonesborough, Washington County, Tennessee.

Children of Russell Bean and Rosamond Robertson are:

  1. Baxter Bean, born about 1790 in Washington County, Tennessee; died 1858 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. He married Margaret Leach.
  2. Russell Bean.
  3. Charles Bean, born about 1795 in Washington County, Tennessee; died after 1850 in Washington County, Tennessee.
  4. James Bean, born about 1793 in Washington County, Tennessee.
  5. Joseph Bean, born about 1800 in Washington County, Tennessee. He married Mary Baxter about 1840 in Tennessee.
  6. Robert Bean, born 1802 in Tennessee; died about 1835 in Tennessee.
  7. Camilla Bean, born 1804 in Tennessee. She married John Garland 10 March 1827 in Tennessee;.
  8. Roseanna Bean, born 1806 in Tennessee; died about 1860 in Tennessee. She married Asa Shipley about 1824 in Tennessee.


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