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Family History

 (last update 22 May 2004)

Sixth Generation


Children of Sydnor Everett and Mary Miles

1. Emerine Everett [103] was born about 1840 in Kentucky. She married William Ables on 17 June  1860 in Monroe County, Arkansas. He was born August 1837 in Alabama, and died after 1900.


Children of Emerine Everett and William Ables are:


  1. Sydney Ables, born August 1874 in Arkansas. He married Sallie [last name unknown] in 1900; born August 1883 in Arkansas.
  2. Tabitha Ables, born April 1877 in Arkansas.
  3. Glenna Ables, born January 1880 in Arkansas.
  4. Lonnie Ables, born October 1887 in Arkansas.


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4. Mary E. Everett [1861] was born November 1850 in Arkansas, and died in Arkansas. After the death of her mother, Mary Miles who died about 1850, Mary was living with her uncle Lewis Miles in Jackson Township, Monroe County, Arkansas. She married William F. Hill on 21 November 1869 in Monroe County, Arkansas, son of Phineas Hill and Mary Gardner. He was born January 1850 or 1851 in Arkansas, and died in Arkansas.


Children of Mary Everett and William Hill are:

  1. Sidney Hill, born 1871.

  2. Francis B. 'Frank' Hill, born February 1874, Arkansas; M. Sallie [last name unknown] about 1899 in Monroe County, Arkansas; born August 1881 in Arkansas.

  3. John R, Hill, born 1877.

  4. James Edward Hill, born December 1880, Raymond Township, Monroe County, Arkansas; died 1905, Arkansas; married Alice Anderson, 1902, Arkansas.

  5. Ida Hill, born August 1882, Arkansas.

  6. Charlie Hill, born December 1888, Arkansas.

  7. Cora Hill, born October 1890.


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  • 1900 Federal Census, Raymond Township, Monroe County, Arkansas

Children of Sydnor Everett and Nancy Rushing

6. Rubin O. Everett [1859] was born December 1849 in Arkansas and died before 1920. He married Martha Jane Rafferty on 7 July 1878 in Boone County, Arkansas, daughter of Christopher and Mira Rafferty and widow of Nathalgon Goforth whom she married in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas. A son of this first marriage, "Nate" (and possibly two other children), died young. A daughter, Lou Alice Goforth, was born July 1875 in Arkansas and married Monroe J. Kelley on 18 August 1889 in Faulkner County Arkansas. Martha was born 16 April 1855 in Arkansas, and died 23 August 1922 in Naylor, Faulkner County, Arkansas. After the disappearance of her parents she, and her younger siblings, lived with the William Head family who moved from Missouri to Carroll County, Arkansas by 1870 along with her married brother Thomas. It appears that Rubin and Martha migrated to Searcy County after 1880 and finally to Faulkner County by 1890. Family lore states that Martha was 15/16th Indian. Stories conflict as to whether she was Cherokee or Choctaw. One story states that she was born on the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma and was raised in northwest Arkansas by a Mrs. Church. Though it appears that Martha's parents did die when she was young (between 1860-1870) she is found living with here oldest brother Thomas in Carroll County, Arkansas in 1870. Family lore also states that Reuben was disowned by his family because he married an Indian woman. Photos of Martha and her children show distinct Indian facial features though no records have been found claiming Indian descent. In fact, Martha's death certificate idicates that she was 'white'. Reuben was a farmer and Martha was a housekeeper. Neither could read or write. In 1900 they owned a farm in Faulkner County, free of mortgage. Martha is buried in Naylor Cemetery, Naylor, Faulkner County, Arkansas. Her grave marker was destroyed by a tornado.


Children of Rubin Everett and Martha Rafferty are:

  1. Frances Catherine Everette, born 19 August 1880, Arkansas; died 30 September 1956.

  2. James Franklin Everette, born September 1882, Arkansas.

  3. Lena Everette, born November 1884, Arkansas.

  4. Laura J. Everette, born October 1888, Arkansas; died 1922, El Paso, White County, Arkansas.

  5. Joseph Allen Everette, born 14 September 1894, Arkansas; died 23 April 1971, Altheimer, Jefferson County, Arkansas.


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  • 1920 Federal Census, Soundex Card, Faulkner County, Arkansas

Research Notes: No records have been found to prove that Martha Rafferty had Indian lineage.

6. William T. Everett  [5601] was born about 1855 in Arkansas. He married 1) Eva Dodson on 27 February 1875 in Monroe County, Arkansas. She was born about 1862 in Alabama. He next married 2) Catherine E. [last name unknown] about 1896 in Arkansas.


Children of William Everett and Eva Dodson are:

  1. Garrett Everett, born September 1879, Arkansas.

  2. Henry E. Everett, born March 1882, Arkansas.

  3. William J. Everett, born August 1883, Arkansas.

  4. Ida M. Everett, born June 1885, Arkansas.

  5. Luther A. Everett, born November 1889, Arkansas.

  6. Martha E. Everett, born August 1891, Arkansas.

  7. Ida O. Everett, born February 1892, Arkansas.


  • 1870 Federal Census, Arkansas, Monroe County, Indian Bay, Jackson Township, page 93a, dwelling 190.

  • 1875: Marriage Records of Monroe County, Arkansas, Book D, page 455 [William and Eva]

  • 1900 Federal Census, Bird Township, Jackson County, Arkansas, page 19a

8. Sydney 'Sid Everett [1860] was born October 1854 in Monroe County, Arkansas, and died after 1920. He married Mary L. Williams on 10 January 1886 in Faulkner County, Arkansas. She was born about August 1865 in Mississippi died between 1910 and 1920 probably in Faulkner County. Their marriage record states that she was 26 years old which would put her birth at 1860, not 1872 as indicated by the 1910 census soundex card or 1865 on the 1900 census soundex card. They were in Phillips County, Arkansas in 1900 and Woodruff County in 1910.


Children of Sydney Everett and Mary Williams are:

  1. Simon B. Everett, born November 1886, Arkansas.

  2. Rubin C. Everett, born January 1891, Arkansas; married Liddie Fitzgerald daughter of Faith Fitzgerald. She was born about 1891 in Arkansas

  3. Martha Everett, born January 1893, Arkansas

  4. Mary E. Everett, born August 1894, Arkansas

  5. Ada E. Everett, born May 1896, Arkansas

  6. William L. Everett, born April 1898, Arkansas

  7. John Price Everett, born about 1904 Arkansas.

  8. Roy Everett, born about 1908.


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