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1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles, CSA

The 1st Arkansas Mounted Riflemen enlisted directly in the Confederate Army. Organized at Little Rock, Arkansas on June 16, 1861 under the command of Colonel Thomas J. Churchill.

Initially assigned to McCulloch's Brigade near Fayetteville, Arkansas, the regiment participated in the campaign to reinforce General Sterling Price's Missouri State Guard in southwestern Missouri in July and August, 1861, fighting in the battles at Neosho and Wilson's Creek (called "Oak Hills" by the Confederates). Returned to Arkansas after Wilson's Creek and served in the Indian Territory against a number of Unionist Cherokee units in September and October, 1861. Wintered near Strickler's Station, and marched with the Army of the West in late February, 1862, fighting in a number of small skirmishes culminating in the Battle of Pea Ridge on March 7-8, 1862. Retreated with the Army of the West to Van Buren, and from there marched east to join the Confederate forces massing at Corinth, Mississippi. Dismounted at DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, in April 1862 and fought as infantry for the remainder of the war. Reorganized at Corinth, MS on May 1, 1862, re-enlisting for three years or the duration of the War.

Colonel Churchill was promoted to brigade command at Corinth, and the regiment was assigned to his brigade in McCown's Division, which accompanied Kirby Smith's army in an attempt to re-occupy Kentucky in the summer and early fall of 1862. General Churchill was reassigned to a command in Arkansas in July, and General McNair assumed command of the brigade. The brigade fought in the battle of Richmond, KY on August 29-30, 1862. Following the Battle of Perryville fought by Bragg's army in October, Kirby Smith's army followed Bragg back into middle Tennessee where it was merged with Bragg's Army of Tennessee. The regiment fought at the battle of Murfreesboro on December 30, 1862 - January 2, 1863. In the early summer of 1863, McNair's brigade was detailed to General Joe Johnston's forces in an attempt to relieve the federal siege of Vicksburg, and fought in the siege of Jackson, MS. Following the fall of both Vicksburg and Jackson, the brigade returned to Bragg's Army of Tennessee near Tullahoma, and fought in all of that army's battles for the remainder of the war... at Chickamauga; Chattanooga, the Atlanta Campaign including Dug Gap, Resaca, Peachtree Creek, Atlanta, Ezra Church, the siege of Atlanta, Jonesboro, Lovejoy's Station and Moon's Station; the battles of Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville, Sugar Creek, the Carolinas Campaign, and Bentonville. Consolidated with the 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles, 4th Arkansas Infantry Battalion, and the 4th, 9th, and 25th Arkansas Infantry regiments and the consolidated unit renamed as the 1st Mounted Rifles Regiment (Consolidated) (Dismounted) at the last reorganization of the Army of Tennessee near Smithville, North Carolina on April 9, 1865. Surrendered with the Army of Tennessee near Durham Station, North Carolina on April 26, 1865.

Officers: Colonel Thomas J. Churchill. Field Officers: Major William P. Campbell; Lt. Col. Morton G. Galloway; Major (later Colonel) Robert W. Harper; Major (later Lt. Col.) George S. Laswell; Lt. Col. Charles H. Matlock; Major (later Lt. Col. and Col.) Leander M. Ramsaur; Major (later Lt.Col., Col., and Brigadier General) Daniel H. Reynolds; Major (later Lt. Col.) George W. Wells


Jul 1861   Neosho, Missouri
10 Aug 1861   Battle of Wilson's Creek
6 Mar 1862   Battle of Pea Ridge
9 May 1862   Farmington, Mississippi
29 Aug 1862 30 Aug 1862 Battle of Richmond
31 Dec 1862 02 Jan 1862 Battle of Mufreesboro
10 Jul 1873 16 Jul 1863 Battle of Jackson
19 Sep 1863 20 Sep 1863 Battle of Chickamauga
08 May 1864   Dug Gap near Dalton, Georgia
13 May 1864 14 May 1864 Battle of Resaca
18 May 1864   Battle of Resaca
07 Jun 1864 03 Jul 1864 Kennesaw Mountain
19 Jul 1864   Moore's Mill, Georgia
20 Jul 1864   Battle of Peach Tree Creek, Georgia
22 Jul 1864   Atlanta, Georgia
28 Jul 1864   Skirmish at Ezra Church
20 Aug 1864   Skirmish at Lovejoy Station
31 Aug 1864   Jonesboro
03 Oct 1864   Moon Station
30 Nov 1864   Battle of Franklin
15 Dec 1864   Nashville
19 Mar 1865   Bentonville, North Carolina

Partial Roster

Company C "Johnson Rifles"

Augustus Allen (1842-aft 1900), son of Peter Allen and Sarah Ring, husband of Mary Elizabeth Harrison. Enlisted on 6 June 1861 at Fort Smith, Arkansas as a Private at the age of 19. Discharged on 4 October 1861.

Israel Gilliam (c1838-??), son of Major M. Gilliam and Mary Grimmett. Enlisted as a Private at the age of 24.

Major Pinkney Gilliam (c1839-??), son of Major M. Gilliam and Mary Grimmett. Enlisted as a Private on 7 Sep 1861 in Clarksville, Arkansas at the age of 23. Died 11 March 1862 on Boston Mountain, Johnson County, Arkansas.

John C. Hill (1843-??), son of Sion Hill and Sarah Needham. Enlisted on 2 November 1861 at Clarksville, Arkansas as a 1st Lieutenant.

Solomon Johnson (c1831-c1865), husband of Mary Ann Baskin. Enlisted 16 Nov 1861 in Clarksville, Arkansas. Died 24 May 1863 in Alabama.

William Smith Ogilvie (1820-1897) Private. Son of George William Ogilvie and Matilda Blanton, husband of America Melvina Swift. Enlisted on 16 Nov 1861 in Clarksville, Arkansas. Discharged 4 June 1862. Buried in Ogilvie Cemetery II, Johnson County, Arkansas.

Joseph Bartlett Porter (1839-1913), husband of Nancy Caroline Baskin. Enlisted on 31 December 1861 at Clarksville, Arkansas as a Private. Subsequently promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Captured 3 May 1865 in Johnson County, Arkansas. After the war served as Johnson County, Arkansas Judge from 1880-1886.

Alexander N. Rose, died 1881, buried in Oakland Cemetery, Johnson County, Arkansas.

William Jefferson Watts (1840-1904), husband of Martha Caroline Blackard. Enlisted in 6 July 1861 at Fort Smith, Arkansas as a Sergeant at the age of 21. Subsequently promoted to Lieutenant.

    A more complete Roster of Company C may be found here.


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