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Damascus Cemetery 

Corrigan, Polk County, Texas

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Surnames:  Ainsworth • Barfield • Beavers • Carr • Cherry • Crain • Deggs • Gassiott • Griffin • Grime • Hambrick • Harris • Kraus • Loving • McClendon • Norris • Pate • Pond • Sheppard • Whittier

Coordinates: Latitude: 31.08056° Longitude: -94.76472°
Directions: At the intersection of FM 1987 and Highway 59, north of Corrigan, Texas, turn right on FM 1987 and go 5 miles to the cemetery which will be on the right side.
Sources: Visit 2005 by Larry and Annie Kraus.
Notes:  This cemetery was established in 1863 adjacent to the Damascus Missionary Baptist Church. In 1967 the Texas Historical Commission put a State Marker in front of the building stating: "The Damascus Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1863; First Pastor, J. R. Dowell; original building was of logs; Had split log benches on peg legs. Replaced by frame building in 1892; The present Church was erected in 1950. A charter member of the Angelina County Missionary Baptist Association." There are 53 burials listed here. This is not a complete inventory of this cemetery. In the More Info column click for biography, for obituary, for news clippings, for photograph, for memorabilia.

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Baby Barfield

22 Nov 1919 Valda B Barfield and Baby. Unknown. Double marker with mother Valda B. Barfield.
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Ebb Barfield

12 Mar 1898 18 Oct 1982 Ebb Barfield, husband of Eunie Deggs.
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Henry D. Barfield Sr.

no date no date Unknown.
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Infant Barfield

no date no date Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Steve Barfield. Unknown.
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James H. Barfield Sr.

11 Jun 1909 5 Jun  1979 PFC US Army. Plaque: James Henry Barfield 1909-1979. Unknown.
No Photo Available

Jesse Barfield

1 Feb 1920 18 May 1964 Unknown.
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Mrs. & Mrs. W. B. Barfield

no date no date Unknown.
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S. H. Barfield

1877 1914 Unknown.
No Photo Available

Una Barfield

27 Mar 1908 22 Sep 1948 Unknown.
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Valda B. Barfield

27 Mar 1892 22 Nov 1919 Valda B. Barfield and Baby/ Unknown. Double marker with child.
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Aaron Joseph Beavers

7 Sep 1893 11 Oct 1894 Son of P. A. and Carrie Beavers. Unknown.
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Andrew Chester Beavers

11 Jul 1895 13 Apr 1918 Son of P. A. and Carrie Beavers. Unknown.
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Carrie L. Beavers

24 Feb 1871 18 Aug 1903 Wife of P.A. Beavers. She was the sunshine of our home. Unknown. Wife of Phillip Andrews Beavers.
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Coy Lee Beavers

11 Feb 1899 7 Jul 1968 Unknown.
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Ernest Walker Beavers

15 Nov 1896 27 Jul 1976 SEA2, US Navy, WWI Ernest Waler Beavers, husband of Mellie Deggs.
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Francis Cristell Beavers

12 Apr 1931 22 Jun 1931 Budded on earth to bloom in heaven. Unknown.
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Phillip Andrew Beavers

18 Nov 1864 17 Feb 1960 Father Unknown.
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Sardius Beavers

18 Jun 1902 19 Sep 1903 Son of P. A. and Carrie Beavers. Unknown.
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John Fletcher Bellamy

1830 1898 Pvt. Co. M 1 Texas Inf. CSA. Unknown.
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George M. Carr

1 Jun 1895 17 Jul 1976 Pfc. US Army World War I. George M. Carr, husband of Zula Mae Deggs.
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Zulla Mae Carr

27 Oct 1898 4 Feb 1987 In God's care. Zula Mae Deggs daughter of William W. and Martha Isabell Deggs, wife of George M. Carr.
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E. L. Craine

1868 6 Nov 1938 Ephen Lockwood 'Doc' Crain son of James Pickney Crain and Effie McGee.
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Dixon M. Deggs

1831 1903 Military marker: Private, Co., H, 13th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army. 19 Apr 1831-19 Sep 1903. Dickson Mandell Diggs, son of Gilford Diggs and Anna Mariah Pond, double marker with wife Zilphia Ann Ainsworth.
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E. A. Deggs

7 Oct 1897 6 Oct 1935 Father. At Rest. Unknown.
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Emma T. Deggs

18 Jun 1873 20 Oct 1952 Emma Terry Crain daughter of James Pickney Crain and Mary Ann McDonald, wife of Nathanial Jackson Deggs.
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Infant Deggs

1928 Twin babies of J.D. & Nora Deggs. Stillborn twin, child of James Dixon Deggs and Minnie Nora Cherry.
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Infant Deggs

1928 Twin babies of J.D. & Nora Deggs. Stillborn twin, child of James Dixon Deggs and Minnie Nora Cherry.
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Infant Deggs

no date 26 Jun 1933 Infant of J. L. and Velmaa Deggs. Unamed child of Joe Narce Deggs and Velma Gassiott.
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James D. (Jim) Deggs

24 Sep 1896 2 Sep 1985 James Dixon Deggs, son of Nathaniel Jackson Deggs and Emmy Terry Crain, husband of 1) Pearl Loving and double marker with 2) Minnie Nora Cherry.
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Joe N. Deggs

12 Dec 1904 23 Aug 1971 In loving memory. Joe Narce Deggs son f Nathanial Jackson Deggs and Emma Terry Crain, husband f Velma Gassiott.
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Martha Isabell Deggs

30 Sep 1870 22 Dec 1940 Wife of William W. Deggs.
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Minnie Nora Deggs

20 Dec 1897 26 Nov 1966 Minnie Nora Cherry, daughter of Samuel Webster Cherry and Manda Jane Grimes, second wife of and double marker with husband James Dixon Deggs. Not verified.
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Nathaniel J. Deggs

31 Dec 1862 14 Oct 1928 Nathanial Jackson 'Nathan' Deggs son of Dickson Mandell Deggs and Zelphia Ann Ainsworth, husband f Emma Terry Crain.
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Velma Deggs

1908 1943 The lovely flower has faded. Velma Gassiott, wife of Joe Narce Deggs.
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W. W. Deggs

10 Feb 1869 20 Apr 1944 William W. Deggs son of Benjamin B. Deggs and Elizabeth Hales, husband of Martha Isabell [last name unknown].
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Zilphia A Deggs

1836 1904 Zelphia Ann Ainsworth, double marker with husband Dixon Mandell Deggs.
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David Gassiott

7 Sep 1954 21 Jan 1957 Our loss, heaven's gain. David Gassiott son of Elmer Joseph Gassiott and Gussie Mae Deggs.
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Elmer J. Gassiott

30 Jan 1911 28 Sep 1972 Elmer Joseph Gassiott, double marker with wife Gussie Mae Deggs.
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Gussie M. Gassiott

24 Jun 1911 22 May 1980 Gussie Mae Deggs daughter of Nathanial Jackson Deggs and Emma Terry Crain, double marker with husband Elmer Joseph Gassiott.
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Ella Barfield Griffin

11 Apr 1882 17 Jan 1965 Ellen Barfield. Unknown.
No Photo Available

Bobby Jay Harris

6 Nov 1963 17 Jan 1988 Bobby Jay Harris son f Bobby Dee Harris and Barbara Sue Gassiott.
No Photo Available

Leroy Harris

11 Sep 1915 26 Nov 1968 Unknown.
No Photo Available

Margaret Harris

7 Jul 1920 no date Unknown.
No Photo Available

Myrtle A. Harris

9 Jun 1889 3 Aug 1962 Unknown.
No Photo Available

William D. Harris

27 Jan 1883 9 May 1965 Unknown.
No Photo Available

Robert Horner

8 Sep 1953 7 Nov 1995 Robert Everett (Farris) Horner son of Juanna Lee Hornerand Everett Farris.
No Photo Available

James E. McClendon

22 Jun 1947 4 May 1999 James Evert McClendon son of William Pierce McClendon and Mary Allie Deggs, husband of Sue Hambrick.
No Photo Available

Mary Elizabeth McClendon

30 Jun 1948 27 May 1950 Mary Elizabeth McClendon daughter of William Pierce McClendon and Mary Allie Deggs.
No Photo Available

William P. McClendon

16 Oct 1916 21 Dec 1990 Texas, Private, US Army, WWII. William Pierce McClendon, husband f Mary Allie Deggs.
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Edward A. (Jim) Norris

1 Sep 1930 15 Dec 1980 Precious Lord take my hand. Edward Andrew Norris, double marker with wife Lila Fay Deggs.
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Lila Faye Norris

16 Sep 1930 15 Dec 1980 Precious Lord take my hand. Lila Faye Deggs, daughter of James Dixon Deggs and Minnie Nora Cherry, wife of and double marker with 1) Edward Andrew Norris and 2) Will Sheppard.
No Photo Available

Putman I. Pat

10 Jun 1901 10 Jul 1973 Putman I. Pate, second husbnd of Mellie Deggs.
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Lottie Deggs Whittier

9 Apr 1900 29 Jul 1981 In loving memory of Lottie Deggs. Unknown.

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